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Twistedpaw's Skeleton Empty Twistedpaw's Skeleton

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Twistedpaw's Skeleton Twistedpaw_by_lieutenantinkjet-d4zi3rb

Cat's Name: Twistedpaw
Gender: Male
Age(In moons): 8 moons
Clan: Echo Clan
Position: Apprentice
Appearance(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):
Twistedpaw's Skeleton D4z4r6k

Twistedpaw is a lithe, gray tabby tom with lighter and darker stripes running down his back. He has a thin and average body with long legs. His feet are white socks and his tail has a few dapples of white. His tail is normal length with a bit of white fluff on the tip. His face is soft and round with two perfect vision eyes. He has eyes that are bright sea-green like an ocean. His whiskers are relatively short just like his fur. His most noticeable factor is his twisted left paw, a deformity he was born with.

Personality(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):

Twistedpaw was told he would never make it past kit hood with his twisted paw. He wanted to prove everyone wrong, that he was useful. He yearned to show the stars he was capable of pushing past his limits. He is a very bright and mischievous tom, two factors that make that can lead a cat into trouble. Twistedpaw is brave and stands up firmly for his clan and what he believes in. He would not hesitant to help someone in need, either he knew them or not. He can also be clumsy due to his lack of proper balance and has tripped several times in the past. He needs to learn patience and to be more careful or it will get him killed.

History(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):

Twistedpaw was born in a barn to a loner and a Echo Clan cat during the spring. He suffered a twisted paw when his mother Iceflower was giving birth. Her canal had collapsed on his left paw and with him being a weak newborn, it twisted at an odd angle. His mother died after giving birth to Twistedpaw. Iceflower told her mate, Silas to give her only two kits to Echo clan while she was breathing her last moments.Silas wanted the kits to follow in his footsteps as a loner because he despised clan cats. He gave only Twistedpaw to Echo clan because he didn't want the deformed kit with him. Echo clan accepted him into the clan out of pity, thinking he wouldn't make it with his injury past apprenticehood. Twistedpaw never saw Silas and his other litter mate again. He doesn't know that he is of half-clan blood.[/b]

Roleplay Example(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):

The moon illuminated a bright eerie glow onto the fields below. A dark but lithe figure scattered across the moorland quietly. The young apprentice's movements were off slightly as the moonlight cast light upon the tom cat's left foot. The paw's joint was jutting out at an odd angle. The tom seemed to move at ease with the strange formality as he leaped onto a crevice in a small cliff. He dug his claws tightly into the rocks and scrambled up the bluff.

Sneaking out of Echo Clan's camp grounds at night time was one of the most thrilling thing an apprentice could only dream of with getting away with. The best thing was to fight in battle. Every tom wanted the honor from his clan at the stake of winning a battle. The gray tabby gazed across the moorland at the land that belonged to his clan. He may have only lived for a short 8 moons but pride for his clan swelled from his chest. A light breeze from the east ruffled through his coat.

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