Ivystar, Leader of MistClan

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Ivystar, Leader of MistClan

Post  Ivystar on Sun May 13, 2012 12:16 am

Cat's Name: Ivystar
Gender: Female
Age(In moons): 25 Moons
Clan: MistClan
Position: Leader

Ivystar is a large female, being mostly Maine Coon. She has a long, bushy tail that is mostly black, though you can see thick stripes of brown on the underside towards the base of her back. After that it is tipped in black with a single black stripe going down the entire length. Her underbelly is a milky brown, along with her cheeks and the rest of her body that is not black. Her fur is medium to long the length. Her eyes are pale green and ringed in gold. Over all very pretty, though she hardly pays attention to her looks when she has a clan to run.

Ivystar is a very serious she cat. When it comes to her clan she is very protective, especially while around other clans. However she is very diplomatic, always thinking through her words before speaking. She does not speak rashly or in anger, however she can give unnerving glares when she needs to. She has a soft spot for kits, though when it comes to her warriors then she can be a little tough. She doesn't like nonsense, though she knows all cats need a little time for fun. She just thinks that she has no time for relaxation or rest herself.

She is a MistClan cat born and raised. Her mother was the deputy of the clan before she passed away in battle. Ivystar (then Ivypaw) learned that in order to protect her clan mates and those she loves that she would have to be strong. She trained hard, always focusing on the work that had to be done, be it hunting or fixing one of the bramble walls of the dens. She rose through to deputy at a young age, and became leader when the old one retired. She has taken her duty very seriously since then, wanting to dispel all thought that she was too young for such a post.

Roleplay Example:

Ivystar looked out across the sky from her vantage point in the trees. The soft bark gave way easily beneath her claws as they dug in for support in her vantage point so high up in the air. She was not afraid of heights, finding it rather comforting to be up closer to the sky, and consequently her ancestors.
"Mother, I wish you could be here..." She murmured, gazing up towards the stars that had just begun to peek around the orange clouds. The sun was setting across the territory, meaning that night would fall soon. She would have to get back to the clan, though she lingered a moment more. Would her mother have been proud of her? She certainly hoped so. Now all that remained to be seen was that she made her clan proud as well.
Hopping down a few branches, she adeptly shimmied down the tree, landing lightly on the forest floor. With her tail up, she headed for the heart of MistClan, her home.

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Re: Ivystar, Leader of MistClan

Post  Blizzardstar on Sun May 13, 2012 12:29 am

(( Accepted of course~ ))

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