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Post  Blizzardstar on Sun May 13, 2012 12:27 am

-Please use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. No text talk or shortening words due to laziness. It is acceptable to have typos but don't do it on purpose; example: 'blizzrdstar wlkd 2 teh kamp wiff he mte n te a squirrel from teh fk pile he saw reavenstars spirit n waz all hai thar!!!!111!!!11111111' --- NOT ACCEPTABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TYPE IN OUR ROLEPLAY LIKE THIS, warning!

-We speak in English ONLY.

-Do not spam the roleplay or chatbox.

-If you have any problems or concerns PM Blizzardstar or another Admin.

-You can have up to 5 characters per clan(Not including kits but don't have like 20.)but you may only have one high rank per clan. Meaning if your in Echo Clan clan and one of your characters is Deputy, you may not have a Echo clan Medicine cat. You can have up to 3 kittypets, loners, and rogues. Also let's say you have 5 in Mist Clan, if one becomes a loner, that makes 4 in the clan. You can add another. Also kittpets, loners, or rogues are the only exception to the 5 cat per clan rule. If you have 5 and you want your kittypet to join, go ahead.

-Do not kill off another person's character without permission by the owner. Do not force mate or steal mates without permission of the other person(people).

-High ranks such as Deputy and Medicine cat will only be given to literature members that can be trusted. If you want to prove yourself, PM me or reply your character skeleton. I'll review your character and decide if it's worthy of Deputy or Medicine cat's position. Don't be upset if you don't get the position, you'll have plenty of chances in the future if you stick around.

-I recommend 5 or more sentences of postings but 1 liners are NOT acceptable!!! 1 liners are boring to read, don't give any detail, and don't leave others much room to work with.

- Do not argue with the Admins, slander, or use slurs in the chatbox.(Only acceptable curses are hell and crap)

-All sexual content(If any must be skipped over or in PMs only). If your cats mate, do not post it within the forums. This is PG-13!!!

-Follow the Warrior Code or you're cat will suffer consequences within the clan. Just like in the books.

-Clan cat names... I don't really have a problem unless their name is Emopaw, Starstar, Shatterheart, Greenface, Purplepaw, Emptysoul, ect. Those are no-nos. I do encourage creative names but nothing too cliche.

-Your cat should be natural cats you read about in the books. No wings, collars(Unless a kittypet), jewelry, tattoos, strange markings, Human names, odd eye colors, or strange fur colors; Example: 'Blizzardstar has purple and green striped fur and red eyes. He also has a 10 foot span of angel wings. He has a collar with a magical sapphire.' --- No, just no.

-3 warning strikes against you and your banned. An Admin will PM you every time you receive a warning for harassing, spamming or breaking any of the rules above.

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