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Outside Clan Cat Rankings Empty Outside Clan Cat Rankings

Post  Blizzardstar on Sat May 12, 2012 5:26 am

Loners: Loners are the same as rogues, although they don’t claim their own territory. They are often found to steal pray and can sometimes be dangerous.

Rogues: Rouges are cats outside the Clans that defend their own territory. Most don’t have warriors names and usually have names similar to Kittypets'. Common kittypet names are Fluffy, Snowball, Princess, ect.

Kittypets: Kittypets, or “Twoleg pets,” are looked down upon. They eat gross “rabbit pellets,” as the Clan cats call them, and live with Twolegs. Most Clan cats would never stoop this low, for it is against the Warrior Code and everything they have ever lived by.

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