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Post  Nightpaw on Sun May 13, 2012 6:30 am

Cat's Name:


Age(In moons):
7 Moons

Echo Clan


Nightpaw's coat is straight black, making him hard to be spotted in the night. He has piercing green eyes. His tail is long and is usually curled around him when he is sitting. Nightpaw can take a mysterious and almost intimidating look. This sometimes causes other cats to veer away from him.

Nightpaw is a quiet and in-the-background type of cat. He never speaks up too much in his quiet and dark-sounding voice, he normally just sits and watches when groups of cats discuss their matters. To some he seems almost as if he were plotting something. But, although he has many things on his mind at times, plotting only occurs in his mind every once in awhile. He isn't very trusting of others, though. Nightpaw never trusts anyone to much, if at all, and doesn't take value in friendship.

Nightpaw was born to a small she-cat in a twoleg-place. Shortly after he'd been born his mother had gone out to find food for her litter, Nightpaw and two other kits. Shortly after she left, Nightpaw heard a twolegs with a raised voice outside the barn the kits and Nightpaw's father were in. He heard a loud crack ring through the air, making him jump while huddled among the other two kits. His father padded out of the barn silently when another bang rang through the air. Nightpaw, being small and still slightly weak, stood and wobbled to the entrance. Through the night, he could see a twolegs with a long stick-like thing in his hands. He was aiming it toward the darkened ground. Nightpaw followed the path of the stick to a small heap on the ground. Peering closer, he could see that the heap was the fur-covered body of his mother. Shock, fear, and sadness rippled through the small kit all at once. He stood back, panicking. Nightpaw mewled for his father, so that the twolegs with the loud stick couldn't hear him. His litter mates were still resting despite the rain that had began to fall and the shouts from the twolegs. He ran over to his litter mates and nudged them awake, the two other kits mewling in protest. Nightpaw looked around in the darkened barn for his father but there was still no sign of him. Had the twolegs gotten him, too? He looked to the entrance, panicking once more as he heard sloshing footsteps coming closer. The door was slightly closed and there was a shaft of moonlight streaming in. Then, his father quietly darted from the shadows over to the three small and helpless kits. He spoke quickly to them as he picked them up in his mouth one by one, carrying them over to a cat-sized crack in the wood of the barn. The entrance crashed open and the twolegs came in, carrying his stick, shouting curses and walking closer to his father. Nightpaw's father shouted for the kits to escape out through the crack. The two kits walked quickly out of the barn as the twolegs got closer, raising the stick to his father. Fire erupted from the stick and Nightpaw's ears rang in protest from the deafening sound. His father was sent sprawling across the floor, laying just as his mother had. Nightpaw's eyes widened and he rushed unsteadily to his father. He could see that the fire from the stick had taken his life as he lay on the stone ground, his fur matted with blood and rain. He mewled for his father but was answered by more shouting from the twolegs. Now utterly terrified of the fire stick, he took of for the crack int he wood and ran to his mother in the chilling rain. His fur was soaked and he was chilled in the short time it took to reach his mother. He nuzzled against her, willing her to come back. But, although he was young and unknowing, he still knew that his mother and father were lost. He padded through the rain on the flooding ground to where he had seen his litter mates. They weren't there now and he looked around frantically for them, to no avail. He took off into the forest, leaving behind his mother, father, and brethren. The barn was the only thing he knew, and now he would have to learn the rest of this cruel world by himself.

Roleplay Example:
Nightpaw woke with a frantic start. He stood and shook out his fur. So, he had been dreaming of the unfitting end to everything he loved again. The haunting scenes played in his mind more times than he could count and he wanted rid of them. He only wanted happy memories of his family: the beating of his mother's heart as he and his litter mates snuggled up against her fur in the cold, his father carrying them back to their resting place when they strayed too far out in the large barn, the soft mewls and purrs as one of the first things he heard. These were the things he wanted, not the fire stick, which he now knew was a gun and the shouting and rain. He sat back and wrapped his tail around his front paws, looking out into another misty morning. He felt empty and alone without his family with him. That was many moons ago and he had grown since then. Nightpaw wished his father could see him now. He also wished to know what happened to the other kits, never knowing their fate after that rainy night. For now, Nightpaw would have to look for a new kind of family: a Clan of Warrior cats.

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