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Post  Blizzardstar on Sun May 13, 2012 7:56 am

Cat's Name: Loki

Gender: Male

Age(In moons): 7

Clan: Rogue

Position: None

Appearance(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Loki the Rogue Black-13

Loki is a thin and small black and white tabby. His fur is messy and glossy, reflecting off of the sun light. He has large venom green eyes that pierce into your soul and long whiskers. Loki has a stoney looking face and holds himself in a high manner.

Personality(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Loki was look mysterious and stern with his looks but he's really staring empty minded. He might be a little slow from as the water he inhaled as a kit. He is always fooling around, prancing and flaunting himself in everyone's presences. He is frightened easily and a bit of a cry-baby; possibly a coward too. He lacks common sense and has no sense of direction.

History(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Loki was born to a small she-cat in a twoleg-place. Shortly after he'd been born his mother had gone out to find food for her litter, Loki and two other kits. He was resting despite the rain that had began to fall and the shouts from the twolegs. One of his litter mates ran over to him nudged them awake, while Loki and the other kit started mewling in protest. Loki couldn't find his mother and or father and was confused of what was happening. He looked to the entrance, panicking as he heard sloshing footsteps coming closer. The door was slightly closed and there was a shaft of moonlight streaming in. Then, his father quietly darted from the shadows over to the three small and helpless kits. He spoke quickly to them as he picked them up in his mouth one by one, carrying them over to a cat-sized crack in the wood of the barn. The entrance crashed open and the twolegs came in, carrying his stick, shouting curses and walking closer to his father. Loki's father shouted for the kits to escape out through the crack. Loki and one other of the kits walked quickly out of the barn as the twolegs got closer, raising the stick to his father. Loki heard a deafening sound as he ran out into the forest, scared for his life. It was flooding and he realized one of his litter mates was missing. He looked around, forgetting about the litter mate with him. He was swept up by the flooding water towards a sewer. He blacked out from inhaling so much water.

The next day he awoke, he was in a strange Twoleg nest with a blanket wrapped around his tiny frail body. There was 3 twoleg kits staring and him and screaming in glee when he came into it. He was frightened by this and hid into a basket on the carpet which had a big pile of brown tabby fluff in it. The pile of fluff ended up being a kittypet named Jaden who took on the role of a fatherly figure and a mentor as he lived life as a kittypet for 6 moons before leaving as a rogue because Jaden was never at their twoleg nest anymore.
(( is Nightpaw's brother))

Roleplay Example(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Green eyes peered across the small stream as Loki began to tip toe across a few stones stuck in the stream. About mid-point, he slipped of the edge of a stone and landed in the water heavily on his side. He wailed in the calm water that didn't even go past his forelegs and slashed around the water helplessly. He pulled himself out after a moment and sat on the bank of the small brook. He began licking the water from his drenched fur in a quick manner, swiping his sand-paper like tongue over the wet patches.

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