Dawnpaw, Apprentice of MistClan

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Dawnpaw, Apprentice of MistClan Empty Dawnpaw, Apprentice of MistClan

Post  Ivystar on Mon May 14, 2012 12:27 am

Cat's Name: Dawnpaw (Dawnfrost)
Gender: Female
Age(In moons): 7 Moons
Clan: MistClan
Position: Apprentice
Appearance(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):
Dawnpaw, Apprentice of MistClan 2ibc1hw
She is a light beige female with medium length fur. Her ears and the underside and base of her tail are a darker brown. There is a mask like marking that is smoky gray on her face, framing her dark, forest green eyes. She is average sized for a female apprentice, but makes up for that in cunning in battle. She is very fast, and an excellent climber due to her claws which she always keeps sharp. Her pelt is kept spick and span all the time.

Personality(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): N/A
She is easy going enough. She doesn't like playing around a lot, and has her sights set on becoming deputy one day. She worries about her competition though, and always is serious while training. She speaks carefully around the other warriors and her leader, not wanting to give off the wrong impression. She is not very trusting of cats from other clans, but she does as her leader does and remains calm and collected.

History(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):
Her mother was a cat from RainClan while her father was a rogue. Her mother's clan was furious with her for mating with a rogue, and forced her to flee from the territory to MistClan's borders. The old leader was happy enough to take in the pregnant she cat, welcoming her with open paws into the nursery where a few moons later she gave birth to Dawnpaw. Dawnpaw had no siblings, and grew up a little shy. She spent a lot of time on her own in the forest, and found that she wasn't actually as alone as she thought.
Cats came out of the trees and grass and spoke to her, their fur dancing with the light of the stars. They taught her things and told her about the clans, their histories and so forth, and she listened in awe. Then they told her one day that she had a special ability that no one else had. She had the ability to freeze time around her, allowing her to move faster than other cats. She was skeptical at first, but then began practicing this ability with their help. Since then she has never told another soul about this, and keeps it as her secret.

Roleplay Example(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):

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Dawnpaw, Apprentice of MistClan Empty Derp

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(( Accepted~))

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