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Cat's Name: Cloudflight
Gender: Female/She-cat
Age(In moons):20 moons
Appearance(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):Cloudflight is a sleek, lean snow white she-cat with adoring navy eyes. She has strange, crooked silver marks on her tail and face, almost outlining her entire body. Her eyes always seem to be cloudy, which makes her appear lonely and distant. She also seems to have these crooked silver marks on her hind legs as well, looking like claw marks. Her fur is short and whispy, easy to shape and groom.
Personality(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):Cloudflight is mostly distant and lonely, but she can make a heck of a friend. She will not die down when her clan-mates need help, and is a bit over-protective of her friends and family. She is a calm and content cat, which would make her a good mother. She has also been wishing for kits all her life, and a wonderful mate.
History(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):When Cloudflight was only two moons old, her parents were murdered by a badger. Her brother, Wolfwhisker, protected her at all times, but unfortunately he went off on his own, not liking the Clan life. She was mentored by a rough and mean cat, who taught her fierce battle moves. Not only did she hurt some of her apprentice friends, but she did lose some friends. She felt at that time nobody would stay close to her. Now, she is distant from her Clan.
Roleplay Example(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): The cool morning air rushed against Cloudflight's short fur as she shivered. Her paws tingled, and she tried her best for them not to get the best of her. The alert ground squirrel ahead of her was peering around cautiously, and she knew the squirrel was feeling her tingles and urges. As the squirrel was looking an opposite way, Cloudflight lunged loudly towards the squirrel, and before the poor thing could escape, it was underneath Cloudflight's keen, cage-like claws. Pain struck the squirrel's throat, and soon, it had died from a vicious attack. The white she-cat triumphantly grasped the squirrel, and trekked off towards camp.


Cat's Name: Dashpaw
Gender: Female/She-cat
Age(In moons): 9 moons
Clan: EchoClan
Position: Apprentice
Appearance(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Dashpaw is a giant, attractive, golden tabby. She has a white blaze and a splash of white on her chest. Her stripes look like snakes and her splashes of white are appealing and contrasting her golden fur. Her fur is a little spiky on the ends and surprisingly sleek, as her body slips out of water and dens. She also has small, emerald green eyes that look like tiny jewels.
Personality(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Dashpaw is a confident, playful she-cat. She loves to race and compete against others. She is not full of herself and/or cocky, but she loves to feel that she is the best apprentice in the world. She desperately tries to please everybody she sees, but sometiems that doesn't always happen to her. Dashpaw is very flexible and giant, making her to be able to slip over branches and trees.
History(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Dashpaw's parents were not always pleased in her when she was born because of her odd stripes and contrasting white spots. Dashpaw felt at that time that everybody was like this and she tried to please them as much as she could. Her parents often expected her to work harder than anybody else and demanded she be the best. Dashpaw's "best apprentice" and "pleasing everybody" attitude came from her difficult, underestimating history.
Roleplay Example(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Dashkit was an amazing kit, and all of the other kits admired her. Dashkit felt good about this, so she felt the need to go ahead and tell her mother this. She lifted herself up from the crouching position she was in and slipped inside the rocky nursery. "Mother, Mother! It's me, Dashkit!" she called out loudly. Her pale, flame-colored mother turned from the wall of the nursery and looked up. Dashkit crouched down for her, hovering her tail above the ground perfectly. "Oh, Dashkit, can't you do any better? Lick your fur! It looks matted, you can't have it like that!" her mother ordered for her to do, not paying any attention to her wonderful crouch. Dashkit felt hurt and nodded obediently, licking down her fur the best she could. "I'm trying, Mother, but sometimes it doesn't work." Her mother's eyes glared at her. "Then make it work, you need to be the best warrior in EchoClan, because your fur isn't the prettiest of the other queens' kits." Dashkit's oracles boggled out in surprise. She was astounded that her mother insulted her beautiful golden fur! She shook her head, angry at herself, and smiled her best grin. "How does this look, Mother?" she asked eagerly. "Uh, it's fine.."


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