Rush of No Clan (Rogue)

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Rush of No Clan (Rogue) Empty Rush of No Clan (Rogue)

Post  Lelouch on Wed May 23, 2012 4:45 am

Cat's Name: Rush ( Other name is Coal)

Gender: Male

Age: 36 moons ( 3 years)

Clan: No clan

Position: Rogue

Appearance: A pure, jet-black cat with hard navy blue eyes, small dark gold flecks in them, like the stars in the sky. He has short fur, very sleek and shiny. He has a tucked in stomach, he seems very fit and agile, and you can barely hear his pawsteps. His ears are always alert, rounded at the top, everything about him seems flawless. He has sharp, blood-stained claws. Well, some of them.
About one claw on his left paw is completely red, and two claws on his right paw are completely red. He has a rough, low, chilling voice, his pupils always in slits, always staring at you, always ready to make a kill.

Personality: He is a cold, harsh, mean cat. He always is commenting about a cat's flaws. Always spitting curses at them, always speaking in that same back-of-the-throat tone. He is somewhat a masochist and also a sadist, and always having the hunger to kill. He absolutely has no feelings. Its as if his heart is just a block of ice, only there to pump the blood, his magnificent blood. He did however, had someone dear to him. But, it would be hard to say......

Rush of No Clan (Rogue) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTnPeMUUJQYliMvO29oO2mC8Kevd9_6h8l7T3CweC_EBmOmX0zq_g

History: Rush was washed-up on shore, just a clump of black fur, a worthless mewling kit. No one would want a peice of trash, surely the kit would die? His fur reaked of sea salt, his mews high and sputtering, you could almost see the water come out. But no, someone did want the kit, had a use for the sea garbage. He was a handsom tom, all light brown, ocean blue eyes. The tom opened his mouth, grabbing the kit, lifting the souless body off the ground. From there, he went to a den, and nursed the kit back to health, training the kit into a strong tom. But there wasn't always a happy life. They killed. They wrere assassin's, cats that lived on the beach. One day, the tom died, but not naturally. He was burned, his neck torn, organs spilled. The black cat layed down by him, around the blazing fire, slowly starving himself to death. Then, he thought, Why don't I just continue DarkSoul's work? He got up, taking the cat, and burying him by the den. From that day forward, he traveled, his paws leading him to a forest. Another place to reak havoc.

Roleplay Example: Rush walked into the green forest, keeping his body low to the ground, hearing the night-life scutter about. He blended in exactly with the shadows, in fact he himself was a live shadow. He chuckled, it was a chilling evil sound that made every living thing scutter to safety in its home. He smirked and kept prowling about, roaming in a place known as MistClan land. He still roamed, not aware of the cats. He kept walking, stopping suddenly as he heard the low sound of a cat using big, intelligent words. His ear and eye twitched in annoyance; he hated big words. The cat who had raised him didn't focus on social skills or big words, mainly on killing. He saw the cat, she was beautiful. A soft golden color in all of her fur, and soft kind blue eyes. Her ears flickered and she paused, looking around. Rush cursed to himself, it was the 'f' word, as he had stopped paying attention to where she was going, looking at her as StarPelt shined on her, making him mesmerized by her beauty. He slunk out of the shadows, making her eyes go wide, she had naver seen such a big tom before. He was a handsome one as well, his eyes like daggers through her own slits. He grinned....she was his next target.
(How many cats can we have at once? Because I have some other's....)

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