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we were born for this - Hazelcloud of MistClan Empty we were born for this - Hazelcloud of MistClan

Post  Finchy on Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:25 am

Name: Hazelcloud
Age: 27 moons
Rank: Warrior
Gender: She-cat
Clan: MistClan

Quick Description: A small, pale tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

we were born for this - Hazelcloud of MistClan Catcat

Hazelcloud has an overall sweet, delicate appearance. She’s unusually small for her age, and has thick, wiry fur. Her coat is a mottled brown-ginger-and-cream with tabby stripes. It tends to disheveled as she doesn’t often clean it and likes to play rough. When wet, her pelt clings uncomfortably to her thin form.

She has a long, slim body, muscled best for running and leaping. The she-cat's long, almost spider-like legs are tipped with dainty cream paws. A pale red-pink nose tips her long muzzle, and slightly over-large ears top her head. She has thorny teeth and claws the color of aged pearls; not very long, but sharp. Her pretty sky-blue eyes are her most dominant feature. She has no scars or marks to show as of yet.

Hazelcloud is very free-spirited and outspoken, and as such can be somewhat of a nuisance within her Clan. If you can manage to put up with her, you’ll find a thoughtful, good-humored, considerate cat. Oftentimes when asked a question, and she’ll answer something that doesn’t really have to do with the inquiry; she may suddenly make a statement that seems random or odd, not speaking to anyone in particular. Her train of thought is very complex, and it takes time to learn how she operates.

The she-cat can be determined to the point where it’s obsessive. Working toward a goal is her favorite part of life, regardless of what she’s aiming for or if she succeeds - Hazelcloud loves having a purpose to what she’s doing. She always tries to live to the fullest of her potential, and hates when others sit around and do nothing.

She admires bravery, loyalty and commitment. When you're ready to do anything for the ones you love, you know you're on her good side. She isn’t afraid to challenge authority.

In a nutshell, Hazelcloud is a curious, overactive and sometimes rebellious warrior.

History: Hazelcloud’s mother was very young, just a few moons out of apprenticeship, she’s told; her mother passed away giving birth to her. She had two littermates; a stillborn she-cat and a tom that died shortly after birth. Hazelcloud was the smallest in the litter, but she somehow pulled through the miscarriage. She never found out who her father was.

Theme Song: Born For This - Paramore

RP Example: The below is an excerpt from a lengthy post I made on another Warriors RP forum.

The sun lay in the center of the sky, towering over Finchkit's small form, and signaling the time was near for her apprentice ceremony. Her little paws scuffled the earth as she waited silently by the camp entrance., testing the air for Wrenclaw's scent. Mother promised she'd be back by now! Finchkit's voice whispered inside her head.
The tiny kit's heart leaped when she finally scented one of the cats on her mother's dawn patrol - Elmheart - but sank just as soon when she realized the tang of blood that hung over the cat's scent.
Black fur whipped past Finchkit as she stuttered the words, "E-Elmheart wh-what hap..." Her desperate question was cut short when Elmheart, matted with blood, raised his head in the center of the clearing.
Finchkit's blood froze when she heard his sour screech: "Wrenclaw is dead!!"


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we were born for this - Hazelcloud of MistClan Empty Re: we were born for this - Hazelcloud of MistClan

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