Sunheart Character Bio

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Sunheart Character Bio

Post  starlight5279 on Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:49 am

Cat's Name:Sunheart


Age(In moons):20



Appearance:Sunheart has a golden longfured pelt.White ring-like stripes encircle her legs and her long tail.A white stripe goes across Sunheart's back from her nose to the start of the rings on her tail.Her ears are tipped white.Her eyes are an emerald green.

Personality:Sunheart is very shy and even tempered but that doesn't mean she is easily scared.She tends to fall head over heels in love with every tom who so much as smiles at her. Her strategies almost never fail but she lacks brute strength compared to other cats of her level. Although Sunheart is a very bright cat, her curiosity sometimes gets the best of her and that curiosity had nearly killed the cat several times.When she isn't busied by her warrior duties,Sunheart loves to swim and sunbathe on the rare occasion that she can find a good patch of sun.

History:At first she wanted to be a medicine cat but was horrible at it. She always brought the wrong herbs,much to her mentors annoyance, and payed more attention to the warriors than her mentor. So she stepped down and became a warrior.Because she didn't start until later Sunheart never caught up to the other apprentices her age.This made her a little brash and she often got into trouble as she tried to prove herself.Sunheart has mostly grow out of this but she still has a slight eager to please attitude that gets her in trouble now and again.

Roleplay Example:Step by step lithe paws inched toward an oblivious mouse, the plump rodent lazily nibbling on a seed.Sunheart's tail flicked back and forth as she stalked the unfortunate creature.The golden she-cat continued her velvet tread for a few more tail-lengths before pouncing on her prey.The creature could barely let out a pitiful squeak before claws met neck and it was dead.Sunheart picked up her kill and padded back to camp,picking up her other prizes along the way.


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Re: Sunheart Character Bio

Post  Blizzardstar on Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:28 am


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