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Post  Cindersnow on Mon Sep 24, 2012 5:46 pm

Cat's Name: Cindersnow

Gender: She-cat

Age(In moons): 6 moons

Clan: Any?

Position: Any?

Appearance(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Cindersnow is a female cat. Her fur is a snowflake white with a tinge of grey at her ear tips. Her tail is puffs out during her mood swings, when it does it looks like she was struck by lightning. Cindersnow isn't really fat nor is she skinny, being only 6 moons old. Her height is more or less 4 and a half inches and her length is about 7 inches from pink snout to fluffy plume.

Personality(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Cindersnow keeps to herself, she won't start a fight unless provoked. She also shows leadership in ways of her own. She is brave when it comes to tasks set forth where it be taking care of the clan or protecting someone she cares about. She would stand up to anyone whom crosses her. Cindersnow can also show affection to those whom she really doesn't know, she falls in love really easily.

History(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Cindersnow was born out near some tree in some woods. She was just a kit when her mother figure had passed, due to the lack of food. Nothing seemed to be around, although Cindersnow had found some acorns and leaves to eat as well as berries. Being the only born kitten in the litter that her mother figure had, she seemed to live a very lonely life. When she reached about 5 and one half moons old she was strong enough to roam about hunting on her own. So she decided to venture forth into an unknown land. Fresh scent filled her glands as she approached into new territory. Was this good or was this bad?

Roleplay Example(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): It had been one of those frigid cold mornings. The bracken thick den she had found abandoned over night had kept little heat possible. The sun had blasted through the entrance, the rays warming her white pelt. Cindersnow had released a squeak like yawn as she risen her head from her paws, her eyes were slits when she glanced out the entrance. Her head tilting towards the left she had wonderd why the ground was so white. Perhaps this was an omen, maybe she was still dreaming. Shaking those thoughts from her mind a frigid wind swept into her makeshift den through the bracken. A shiver ran down her spine, it was cold. Steadly rising to her paws Cindersnow had casually strode outside the small entrance just so her paws were placed in the whiteness. Stricken with a sharp jolt of cold her paws skidded back. Her head tilted left.
"What is this stuff...."
Her head bent down just so her pink tongue rasped over the white powder. As her tongue went over it, the 'snow' had melted upon the heat of her tongue. Liking the taste she continued untill the front entrance was just grass on the terra.

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