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Post  Twilight Holly on Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:11 am

-Cat's Name: Hollypaw

Gender: She

Age: Seven Moons

Clan: EchoClan

Position: Apprentice

Appearance: Hollypaw's semi-long fur is a unique shade of dark ginger that can easily be mistaken for red. Faint spotted tabby markings can be seen when the light hits her just right, giving her fur a glossy sheen due to the filtered sunlight of her native territory. A long, feathery tail extends from the end of her spine and tapers to a chalky white tip. The young she's softly pointed ears are of an equal shade of white, along with the bottom halves of her forelegs, making it seem as if she were wearing boots. Hollypaw's wide, expressive eyes are the exact shade of holly leaves at their prime, gleaming a lighter shade of viridian in the moonlight. Her build is petite and delicate looking with a finely shaped head and slender legs.

Personality: Hollypaw is honest to the point of being painfully blunt. If you ask for her opinion she'll tell you [i]exactly what she thinks. No matter how insulting or aggravating. In most cases asking for her opinion isn't a necessary endeavor, she makes her thoughts known to the world by reciting them out loud as soon as they surface, usually in the form of a low yet occasionally audible mutter. She also has a slight superiority complex in the way that she feels she's always right. It's rare for Hollypaw to admit she's wrong as she's proud, bordering on arrogant. This is usually evident in the way that she carries herself. Despite her arrogance and tactless candor, Hollypaw is in actuality a fiercely loyal and devoted friend. She won't back down from a fight and is swift to defend her companions whether they're right or otherwise. Hollypaw tends to be possessive of those she values and attempts to solve their problems for them whether they want her help or not. Her strongest point has always resided in the category of intellect. Hollypaw is clever and a natural tactician, often spending a portion of her free time coming up with elaborate plots for random scenarios that never really happen. As part of her arrogant make-up Holly never takes 'no' for an answer. Neither does she give up unless she absolutely has to. Hollypaw's slight disregard for rules, acute sarcasm, and naturally argumentive nature leads to many discrepancies with her peers. Her practically incurable curiousity guarantees mulitudes of questions and the occasional experiment or two. Strangely enough, when Hollypaw's in 'Curious Mode' she's more mild mannered and friendly.

History: Hollypaw's history isn't overly dissimilar from that of a generic EchoClan cat. Her mother, Dawntail gave birth to Hollypaw and her sister Fernkit during Leaf-Bare. At this point in time their mother was sick with Green-cough and transferred the sickness to Fernkit who died shortly after their father, Brackenstripe died protecting the Clan from a fox. After the death of her sister, Hollykit(paw) was put into the care of an older Queen whose kit was stillborn. As her mother never recovered from her ailment, Hollypaw spent the rest of her life in Sorrelpelt's care until she too passed away during battle.

Roleplay Example:

Hollykit lay curled up by the cold body of the young Queen, face an expressionless mask as she pressed her nose into the dark ginger fur in an attempt to recall the scent she only vaguely remembered smelling in the Nursery. The stench of sickness and death stung her delicate rosy pink nose and caused her to jerk her head back in alarm, tail curling tightly around small round paws. The young kit's ears pinned back against her skull as she lowered her head to avoid the gazes of the grieving felines around her. She didn't feel anything. Not really. Hollykit barely knew her mother, they'd been seperated for the few days she'd been alive. She couldn't look her sorrowful Clanmates in the eyes for the fear that they wouldn't see what they thought should be there. Did they expect her to mourn Dawntail for the sole reason that they were blood? They knew Dawntail better than she did. She could listen to the Elder's stories but it wouldn't be the same. Would it? Milky blue eyes returned to the lithe body of deep red fur. [i]Fur just like mine...[i]
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