Featherstorm of Mistclan

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Featherstorm of Mistclan

Post  Blackfang on Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:32 am

Cat's Name: Featherstorm
Gender: Female
Age(In moons): 28
Clan: Mistclan
Position: Warrior
Appearance(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Featherstorm has medium length silver fur that seems to glow whenever any light hits it. Her fur is longer on her legs and tail but shorter on her body. She has blue gray tiger-like stripes that cover her and black ear tips and black tail tips. She is not the thinnest nor fattest of cats and is very muscular for a she cat. She has multiple scars on her legs(her fur usually hides it but they can be felt) and her right ear is split. She has pale blue eyes.
Personality(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Featherstorm can be very moody and can have a terrible tone rather quickly. She avoids social interactions more than other cats but is a loyal friend. She does not seem to know the meaning of fun but is pleased that other cats somehow manage to enjoy it. She can seem easygoing but if you tread upon one of her strongly held beliefs you are going to pay. She will then be incredibly stubborn. She has a hard time explaining herself in words. She will also never allow another cat to be bullied despite their clan. She thinks it's dishonorable and for low lifes.
History(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Featherstorm has grown up in the clan and has gotten into many fights(be it cat or another animals). She distrusts two legs because she has seen how they treat the forest and disregard the territories that the cats own. She was named Featherstorm because when she was a kit she was attacked by a raven and succeeded in killing it. She sees loners as problems and has had a history of chasing them off and threatening them(though she never seems to actually fight them). She has ignored many cats that have wandered into the territory and let them off with a warning.
Roleplay Example(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Feathertail lowered herself down and her eyes grew wide; her eyes were nearly all black as the blue quickly disappeared. She twisted her fluffy ears around and saw another cat coming. She showed her discontent blatantly but the cat still failed to realize it and continued on. In the end he scared off the rabbit. "What were you thinking?" Featherstorm meowed harshly. "You paid no attention! None whatsoever and cost us a meal!" She then realized a hook stuck in the other cat's paw. Oh, she thought, that explains it. I'm such an idiot for yelling at him. Leave it to me to do this again. She walked over and tried to dislodge the hook from his paw. He jumped in pain and managed to rip it out leaving an awful gash. She sighed and wiped the blood from her now pink fur. "I should have talked to the medicine cat."

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