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Post  SilverFur on Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:04 pm

Cat's Name: LeafStrike
Gender: She-cat
Age: 25 moons
Clan: EchoClan
Position: Warrior
Appearance: LeafStrike is a huge tabby. She has long silky white fur. Her long, feathery tail was cut in the middle, giving it a stubby look. Her right ear was cut off clean Her left ear and her paws are black and she has strangely large claws. On her chest are huge multiple scars She has a huge scar over her right eye, making it blind and giving it a milky white. Her left eye is a vivid, emerald green colour.
Personality: LeafStrike is a cat with strange looks and usually grumpy, but deep underneath is a loyal cat. She's very outgoing, but most shy away from her making her a bit bitter. She was always stubborn, nevertheless. She is very clumsy during hunting, but a good fighter. She often has nightmares of her bitter past which make her cold and bitter during sunrise. She is very helpful when she’s in a good mood, to both who treat her badly and the ones who treat her like a friend. She forgives easily, even to the ones who gave strange looks to her at gatherings or the frightened kits who ran away from her, though it leaves her a bit sour. Underneath that elder-like fur is a lonely kit waiting for someone to play with. She hates dogs and would slash a pup to crow-food if she saw one. LeafStrike will never give up and would die for any friend at battle. She is truthful and would give her opinion at anytime, although it isn't always positive.
History: LeafStrike was born to a happy life with a rogue as her mother and a loner as her father. Back then her name was leaf because of her beautiful eyes. Her family was living near the neutral territory two-leg place. She had two brothers, Mole and Lion, and a sister, Branch. In her kithood she was the most beautiful of the litter. They're peaceful days of on one leaf-bare tragedy struck, her parents had greencough. She was eight moons when they died, they never knew the cure for it. But it didn't stop there, Mole and Branch soon got the greencough and died coughing. She and Lion , both were 10 moons at the time, ran away together, scared that they might catch thye deadly disease. They headed North and settled in the two-leg territory, but they shied away from the two-legs who wanted to adopt them. They lived from rats and the occasional bird. They lived there for ten moons, and once was almost crushed by a monster. Tragedy took them by complete surprise. They wandered into an abandoned two-leg den in the yard chasing a robin with a broken wing, yet it was amazingly fast it couldn't fly above the ground. She was unaware of the two dogs around them. When she caught it she heard growls and a screech behind her. She realized her brother died saving her life so she wouldn't get killed by the dog behind her. Determined to avenge her brother she attacked the dog and got injured multiple times but managed to chase him away with severe injuries. Still unaware of the second dog, she turned to grieve for her brother, but got bit from behind. The second dog was bigger and has a muscular body. She ran away for her life and lived two moons alone. She soon stumbled into EchoClan and joined, hoping the she can find acceptance and love, both her dear family gave her. She loved her new warrior name and was awed by the clan's customs.
Roleplay Example: The grass rustled as Leaf ran swiftly with Lion right beside her. The robin was just in front of her, yet every time she pounced she was greeted with her brother's head. Her brother panted heavily, yet she was full of adrenaline. "W-we should h-head back. I smell-" He weezed. "Not until I catch him!" She interrupted, picking up speed. She heard him say something else, but she didn't listen. She wasn't going to give up on prey this easily! She pounced one more time and got the robin in her paws. Wasting no time she bent down to give it a killing bite. She heard the screech and growls a minute later. Turning around with the robin in her jaws, she dropped her well-earned prey when she saw her brother in the jaws of a brown dog. "No, no!! Lion!!" She wailed. Her brother was dead. There was blood on his matted fur, she and his eyes were closed, his tongue was dropped from his mouth and his legs were dangling. She felt grief, anger and vengeance. She looked at the dog with cold, green slits full of anguish. "You, will die today." She screeched at the top of her lungs and pounced on him, covering the robin with dirt. "Foxheart!!!" She scratched his head, but the dog threw her off like a fly and scratched her eye making it blind. The dog growled and scratched her chest. She yelped in pain but she was determined to avenge her brother.

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