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Lostkit of Echoclan Empty Lostkit of Echoclan

Post  Levudazed on Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:20 pm

Cat's Name: Lostkit.

Gender: Female.

Age: 5 moons.

Clan: Echoclan

Position: Kit

Appearance: Lostkit is an all black cat with deep blue eyes. She is a very small and weak looking cat. She is very thin, you can almost see her ribs. She has short ears, and a short tail. Her paws are small, but her claws are 2 inches long.

Personality: Lostkit is a very shy cat, she stays to the back of the group and often just watches what goes on. She is a very smart cat. She always seems to have a plan. She always does as she is told, and never has to be told more then once. It takes a long time to make Lostkit mad, but once she is, she is that way for a long time. She likes to prov people wrong when they say she is weak.

History: She was born a loner, but her mother had died giving birth. Her father and older brother was fighting off a group of roughs but her father and brother were killed in the fight. She was an only child, and she wondered around looking for a place to stay a kittypet cat named Fluffy had fed her and looked after her untill she was around 3 moons. Then Lostkit left Fluffy feeling as if she belonged in the woods. She ran into a group of cats and was brought to Echoclan, she never had a name so she called herself Lostkit and decided to live in Echoclan.

Roleplay Example: Lostkit sighed as she listened to the other kits call her a 'sacredy cat'. The day before they had dared her to go out of camp but she knew that she couldn't just leave camp, since she was only a kit. She wanted to prov them wrong, that she was not scared, but she couldn't. She thought of what she could do to show them that she was not scared, but seeing that she was so small she couldn't do anything but leave out of camp. She stood up not looking back and headed for the enterance of camp.

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