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Sparrowdive () Mistclan Deputy () HP Form Empty Sparrowdive () Mistclan Deputy () HP Form

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27 Moons

Mist Clan


Appearance -Picture-
Sparrowdive () Mistclan Deputy () HP Form Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR2LMvBhbGmw7sbDtUJ0DQOueM0cgI4YtvBOmP_ZSnguVMBSu0Xrg

Appearance -Long Description-
Sparrowdive's fur has 3 colors that are brown/yellow, black, and white. Her body is mainly black and half of her face is brown/yellow. 3/4 of her paws are white, the front left being black. The colors are mostly random splotches on her pelt. Her fore legs are mostly black and her hind legs are gradually brown/yellow. She has 2 scars in all. The one on her left hind leg is 3 inches long and barely has any fur in the area, while the other is on her front right paw from falling into rise bushes as a kit. Her eyes are a misty green that can become dark whenever she is angry. Her whiskers are white while her tail is brown/yellow and black at the tip. She may not seem like it, but she is very strong. Because of her lean structure, she is quick when hunting and in battle.

Personality -Traits-

Personality -Long Description-
Sparrowdive is a very friendly she-cat but if you hurt the one's she cares about or her clan she can become a monster. She is highly protective of her clan and will do almost anything to make them safe. She's a kit type of cat, so she'll spend most of her free time in the nursery and hanging around the apprentices. She has always been confident and patient, so she is naturally a good mentor. One thing she will never do, is kill another cat. Not even in self-defense would she do it on purpose. She loves to help around camp and is well known for her sharp-tounge when annoyed as well. She is not afraid to go against something she doesn't feel is right and will stick by it until someone proves she is wrong.

The she-cat was born and raised in Mist Clan, so she is a true clan cat. When she was younger she was very adventurous and would often get in trouble for leaving her mother's side. One time she even fell into a bunch of yellow rose bushes! She got quite a few scratches from that, but only 1 scar on her paw. As an apprentice she was always itching to go out with her mentor. This made her into a quick-learner and a very energetic cat. While still in her apprenticeship, she became good friends with a fox who could speak cat but was later killed by a Twoleg's dog. She hasn't had many friends since then but she still does have a few close ones. As soon as she became a warrior she became more intelligent and serious. Ivystar noticed this and made her deputy when she was 19 moons.

Role Play Example
The splotched she-cat yawned and stretched her tired limbs. She looked around her and saw a few warriors still asleep as well as some of the newly risen sun peeking through the entrance. When she was done with her wake-up routine she trotted out of the warrior's den and into the middle of camp. She noticed the fresh-kill pile was a bit low so she started toward the camp entrance to hunt. As if to agree with her decision, her stomach growled from hunger. She stopped right before she left and told a warrior where she was going, so that Ivystar would know her whereabouts. She continued on and was met with a large amount of mist.
Looks like I'll have to rely on my nose, Sparrowdive thought. She quietly walked around the forest a bit before smelling a vole. From the amount of noise it was making, it was very fat. She got into her hunting stance, keeping all the weight on her hunches and located the vole. Her tail was brushing the ground so she quickly picked it up. She could barely see the outline of the type of hamster and swiftly pounced on top of it, killing it instantly. She had a smug expression as she dug it a small hole to gather up later. Sparrowdive then gaited off to look for another piece of prey.

Hello! You can obviously tell I'm new here. Sorry for adding in the picture and traits, it's just what I'm used to doing. I usually RP on New Era, and I found this website and thought it'd be cool to hang out on here as well. Very Happy

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