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Post  LunaKit on Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:19 am

Cats Name : LunaKit
Gender : Female
Age [ In Moons ] : 2
Clan : EchoClan
Position : Kit

Appearance : LunaKit is a kitten that most cats would think needs lot of grooming. LunaKit's fur is always groomed.LunaKit's fur colour is white and brown she is a burmese . LunaKit's eyes are a messy hazel that make her look lazy . LunaKit's fur is very long mostly because she spends alot of time in the cold . LunaKit is weak and skinny but she can run very fast and hear better then most cats . LunaKit can't take a hit and if hurt it is normally serious making the other cat be more careful around her.

Personality : LunaKit is kind hearted and always cares for other clan mates. LunaKit is to shy to talk to anybody so she mostly just spends her day by herself exploring . LunaKit is good with jokes but can never use them due to her shyness . LunaKit likes to watch birds float by while she rest on the grass. LunaKit is untrustworthy she is never good when told to anything making her feel quite useless most of the time .

History : LunaKit was born as a kitty pet but her and her parents soon ran away . Her parents soon got ran over by a monster she stayed there for hours trying to revive them but couldn't by the time she gave up the sun was down and no one was around . LunaKit soon grew very curious about these monsters but lost intrest as a big one attacked her . LunaKit soon ran into EchoClan and decided to stay cheers . After a lot of persuading Echo Clan let her stay. 

RolePlay Example : LunaKit would be asleep on her belly in the meadow but as she hears soft bird tweets she decides wake up . Looking around LunaKit would sniff at the ground . Not finding the scent of her clan mates she runs the direction of the clan . Releaved to see her clan mates LunaKit  walks on towards the food pile to see if she could sneak a snack . Grabbing a snack quickly LunaKit licks her fur then moves on to eating . LunaKit would now sniff at the air noticing the smell of the rest of the Kits she would dart off to play with them . LunaKit would play till she is tired then return to camp for a rest .  

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Post  Aleese H on Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:08 am

I can take lunakit, but can you help me get around the site?

Aleese H

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