DewBreeze - Rainclan

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DewBreeze - Rainclan

Post  Madocake on Fri Sep 27, 2013 8:37 pm

Cat's Name: DewBreeze
Gender: Male
Age(In moons):  16 moons
Clan: Rainclan
Position: Warrior

Appearance: DewBreeze is a young tom in his warrior ages, he's not the biggest cat, but he's slim, agil and fast. His basic color is grey, with a blue tinge, causing him to look blue in some lights. He's pretty much covered in stribes - The stribes is brown, bark brown, but most of the stribes ends out in a white ish color. - He has short white socks on both of his frontpaws, also on his backpaws, but they're a little longer than them on his frontpaws - His belly is white and it ends on his neck, right under his chin - His face is the same color as the rest of his body, but instead of stribes he have an marking which looks like an mask. On the right side of his face it covers his mouth, the 'mask' is the same brown color as his stribes. His right ear is white, while only the tip of his left ear is white - Because of a meeting with a big fish in his past, when he was an apprentice, he has a very short tail, because it got bit off - The tip of the short tail is white, reminding people that his tail once was white. He has 'gloomy' green eyes.

Personality: DewBreeze is a very loyal cat to his clan, but is more like a loner when it comes to other cats - He just doesn't trust alot, but he's not what you can call a 'emo' or hates company, he's just not very social and he have to know cats good before he trust them. Because of the collision with the big fish in his apprentice moons, he's what you call a drypaw, he prefers staying out of water, even tho he once enjoyed getting his paws wet and taking a good swim. He have a bad habit of lying, and he has a hard time listening to cats there's lower class than himself, apprentices and kits - The only ones who he lets command around with him is his leader, the deputy, the medicine cat and other warriors, even though he can have a hard time listening to warriors he just doesn't like, but he does if it's necessary. Because of his tail loose his balance is not the best, and he prefers staying on the ground - Other words; He doesn't like climbing or jumping over stuff. He's good at keeping calm, but if there's someone blamming him for something he hasn't done, he gets furious. In battle he's fast and smooth. He's not the strongest, but he uses his lanky body to his advantage. He cares alot about the warrior code and tries his best to live his life after it, after all, it meant alot to his mother, and that's why it means so much to him

History: DewBreeze is clanborn, born in Rainclan. We don't know anything about his mother or father yet. He was called DewKit and became an apprentice when he was six moons, changing his name to DewPaw. When he was out on one of his first hunting patrols, he fell into deeper water, and at first there wasn't any problems, until he got attack by a big fish who bit some of his tail off. After that he have been afraid of water and just wont go near it unless it's really important. He became a warrior when he was 12 moons.

Roleplay Example: The lanky tom rolled around in his nest in the warrior den, groaning ever so slightly when the first sunrays shone through the den's roof. He pushed himself up with his front paws, glipping tiredly with his sleepy eyes before stretching his back. If his tail had been as long as it once was, it would have waved over the earth, removing some leafs from the ground. The young tom wandered outside, narrowing his eyes at the sudden light before looking around. A morning patrol arrived through the ferntunnel at the other side of the recess. He looked around, getting ready for his daily duties.

(( Heya I'm new so I hope I did this good enough ))


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