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Name: Keenwraith
Gender: Tom cat
Age: 15 moons
Clan: Mistclan
Position: Warrior!

Appearance: Keenwraith is a Nebelung cat but is not full-blooded, as is evidenced by his darker-almost black- coat, however he still has the striking verdant eyes of the Nebelung breed. He also possess the long coat characteristic of his breed. It captures light and luminesces his shape, giving him an almost spectral aura. He is low-slung and has a powerful but lithe shape, making him quick, graceful and light-footed.

Personality: He is a planner, a strategist, a thinker. He relishes a well thought out plan being placed into action, and even more so, he adores seeing that plan come together. He is good at thinking on his feet but wary of taking action too quickly, which sometimes gets him into trouble as he generally will not take action until he has arrived at an absolute answer. He does not do things to impress or for personal glory, and often the "means to an end" are unnecessary details. He puts the safety, prosperity, and health of his clan before all else, no matter what. He has little patience for those he sees as unworthy assets to the clan, and is prone to accusing others of misguided or devious behavior. He dislikes commotion and noise, which is why he enjoys doing his work very early in the morning, when not many creatures are stirring and the moon is just down from its height. Keenwraith has a sharp wit and a snappy sense of humor to go with it. He aspires to take a leadership position, but often doubts his abilities and ponders what would happen should he fail as a leader, if he were to ever assume position as one. Failure to be useful to his clanmates is one of his greatest fears.

History: (note, I am not sure how much freedom I have with the history, so let me know if I step too far out of the story line)
Keenwraith was born to a mid-ranking warrior in the Mistclan, though it had always been rumored that his mother bore kits with a tom from another clan, or perhaps a rogue. He was the only of the litter to survive, which the Medicine-cat of the clan took as a sign of his future prosperity. As a kit and apprentice, Keenwraith idolized the deputy and leader of the Mistclan. Those cats had grace, courage, and a sacred duty. He saw them as the ultimate authority and garnered the utmost respect for them. He began to mimic the deputy, and tried desperately to earn the deputy's attention and respect. However, the deputy he so admired had taken an untimely retirement after falling ill, he learned that even strong warriors like the deputy have weaknesses. The deputy soon died and a new one took his place, though by this time Keenwraith had a mentor whom he grew to admire as well. His mentor was a quiet cat who spoke few words, but those she did speak carried much heft and meaning. She was a fantastic teacher, one who molded Keenwraith into the efficient stalker he is today. He was her last student before she took into the mists, never returning to the clan again for an unknown reason. He is pained by the notion of abandonment, by his father, his idol, and his mentor.

Roleplay Example: Light washes down the open slope as a crisp breeze ebbs and flows, the grass swaying to and fro in rhythm with the beat of his heart. He becomes akin to the wind, ebbing forward ever so gently as one paw graces the ground after another. His eyes focus on his objective carefully, absorbing every motion, every sound trickling into his fine ears. He calculates, assessing the situation as it changes with every small variable, then hones in for the strike. As if smitten by the early morning light, his prey is taken with one flick of the claw, unaware of what had just taken its life. He is overjoyed, but does not let it spill over into his expression and returns to the camp with more than a mouths-full of fat rodents, eager to ensure that the clan will not go hungry under his watch.

Note* I am well experienced with table top RPG's but not so much forum/thread based RPG's. I may need help with the differences between the two Smile
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