Cougarclaw :of: Mistclan

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Cougarclaw :of: Mistclan

Post  FighterKat on Sat Dec 07, 2013 11:15 am

Cat's Name: Cougarclaw

Gender: Tom

Age(In moons): 14 moons

Clan: MistClan

Position: Warrior

Appearance(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):

He has large ears, with a fluffy tuft inside of them (one of which is torn at the tip). Cougarclaw's eyes are like the canopy of the trees- the jewel of the forest. His legs are thin and slender and his tail is long. His fur is a sandy colour and is short and wiry, well suited for the wet. His underbelly is cream and is the softest part of his body. Cougarclaw's paws are very large, yet he finds trouble keeping his claws sheathed. He has light-brown stripes along his flaxen pelt. He actually looks like a young cougar.

Personality(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):

Cougarclaw is generally quite placid. He doesn't speak much and keeps to himself. He hates to raise a fuss over things and doesn't see the point in getting overly excited. Cougarclaw has behaved this way since he was a kit. He is intelligent, cunning and insightful and can predict other cat's behaviour, some of which may find it slightly off-putting. Sometimes he behaves fastidious around cats he dislikes, just to get on their nerves.

History(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):

Born as a regular Clan cat, he grew up with his friends, being the sensible one. He was the one to rethink crazy ideas as a kit. He would always agree to go on 'expeditions' except he was the one to decide to tell someone rather than eat the weird thing. He was the the one to remember how to get back to camp, whereas others would get very lost. Cougarclaw trained well, just like any ordinary apprentice. After he got made a warrior, he tore his ear on his first warrior mission when a branch fell and very narrowly missed him. Well, actually one of the sticks hit his ear and because of a thorn on the stick, he tore his ear. He found it very embarrassing and sulked in the medicine camp for the rest of the day. Currently, he is living his life, following rules, obeying orders and other warrior things.

Roleplay Example(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):

Cougarclaw crept silently across the edge of Spirit Lake, stepping out just along the shore. The water lapped gently against his paws as the moon shone like a hidden diamond underneath the surface of the water, illuminating the cold lake. He liked this moonlit walks. Cougarclaw's paws sank into the damp, gritty sand. It wasn't like ordinary sand, it was more like rocks, smashed into tiny grains. He heard the flap of wings nearby, coming closer, although it was not above ground. A bird, perhaps? The excitement built up and his smell confirmed it. He sped up his pace, chasing after the scent. He leapt out at the bird before it managed to fly away. A moor hen! What luck! The moor hen was actually about the size of him. Cougarclaw dragged it back to camp, feeling proud of his achievement. This would be able to feed many clan mates.
(Not necessarily saying this happened, not even sure if you get moor hens in Mistclan, but it was more for the purpose of the example.)


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