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Post  Lillysong on Sat Mar 08, 2014 5:13 pm

name: Lillysong
gender: She cat
age:(in moons) 13 moons
clan: Echo Clan
Position: Warrior
appearance: A sleek white she cat with big green eyes and ears. Honey colored splashes are on her tail, right paw and left hind paw and both ears. She has a skinny body, but is well fed. She is not very strong but her quickness makes up for that. Her slender body makes it easy to outrun her enemy. She is a very good hunter.
Personality: Despite looking frail and skinny she is very outgoing. She stands up for what she believes in and is not afraid to voice her opinion. She is kind and helpful, but is somewhat lazy at times. Her favorite pastime is hunting for the clan. She is loyal, and would die for her clan. She also has that "weird" personality. But not the bad weird if you know what I mean. The funny nice weird. Lastly she can be quite at times, especially when something is wrong.
History: Was found next to the thunderpath, with other kits as well. She was the only survivor, the rest of her littermates were dead. She was starving to death and was brought into the clan and brought back to health. She grew up in Echo Clan and was the first one out of the five apprentices to be made a warrior when she saved a warriors life when pushing him out of the way of a falling tree. She is currently following the warrior code and being a good clanmate.
Roleplay Example: Sun shined down through the dense trees illuminating to big stones. Nestled between the stones was Lillysong, stretched out absorbing the sun rays wile they lasted. this was her favorite part of Echo Clan territory. It was so quite and peaceful. there was nothing here but birdsong and sunshine. it cleared her mind. She heard a bird chirping on a bush next to her.


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