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Post  silverheart on Sun Mar 16, 2014 3:42 pm

Age (moons): 12 moons
Position: Warrior
Clan: Echoclan
Appearance: Silverheart has silky silver fur. She has short fur and an unusually long tail. She has piercing blue eyes like a pure blue ocean and she is a middle sized shecat. Her legs are long and strong so her reflexes are outstanding. Silverheart has a white patch on her chest.
Personality: She may seem firm and intimidating when you first meet her but when you get to know her she is loyal, kind and brave. Silverheart can be fierce if you offend her or anyone she likes. She is loyal to the clan but she does tend to follow her heart.
History: Silverheart was born in her clan. When she was only 2 moons old both her parents died in a battle and her siblings were killed when a badger attacked. She grew up alone and most of the kits and apprentices bullied her about it.
Role play Example: Silverheart leaped out of the lush bushes and bounded after the helpless rabbit. She landed on top of the struggling bunny, said a silent prayer to starclan and ended the creature swiftly with one swipe of her paw. The breeze ruffled her fur as she padded back to camp swinging her fat prey.

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