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Post  Fireleaf on Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:06 am

Cat's Name: Fireleaf

Gender: She-cat

Age (in moons): 24 moons

Clan: RainClan

Position: Warrior

Appearance: Large she-cat with a short, dark ginger tabby pelt. She has large, curious brown eyes. She has a white tail tip, and white paws. Her ears are tipped with white as well. She also has a golden splotch covering her face.

Personality: She is usually kind, but when her pride is attacked she has quite a fiery temper. Her clanmates soon learn that when she is angry to just leave her alone. She is very bold and will venture bravely into unknown territory, or a predator's den. She is very loyal though and won't do anything the leader told her not to. She makes great friends quickly when she isn't angry at someone or something.

History: She was a rogue with kittypet parents (Summer and Pine). Her parents however wouldn't let her leave her twoleg's yard and threatened if she did she couldn't return. So Fireleaf left anyways to explore. She had heard of the clans living in the territory outside of the Twolegplace, and ventured bravely into Rainclan territory. While she was out, she caught a water vole by sheer luck, but got caught by the medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice out gathering herbs. They took her back to the clan camp where she was accepted into the clan as an apprentice where she learned the ways of the warrior code.

Roleplay example: Fireleaf looked around cautiously. She could sense something wrong, but her clanmates on patrol with her didn't seem to share her caution. She sniffed the air and her dark ginger pelt bristled. 'No! There couldn't be a badger around here!' She thought. She'd have to deal with this intruder herself. She slipped away quietly from the patrol, and followed the scent towards the dangerous predator.

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