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Post  Blizzardstar on Sat May 12, 2012 6:00 am

Echo Clan

Echo Clan Information 0774cp10

Echo clan is located in a very dense forest with many holes in the ground; watch your step. It got it's name from the underground tunnels because your voice echos inside of them.

High Rock- All clan meetings are held here. High rock is a jagged, dusty rock that raises from the ground up to 8 feet into the air.

Leader's Den- A medium sized cave that used to belong to a family of foxes 8 moons ago. It lowers into the ground about 5 feet and 6 feet across . It has several plants surrounding the entrance.

Medicine Cat's Den- A burrow hidden underneath a large, round oak tree. It is about 3 feet wide and 2 feet into the ground. Sap often is found inside the burrow from others tracking it in. The den is lined with geese feathers.

Warrior's Den- A makeshift den made out of falling timber with leaves and moss as a roof. It is 7 feet wide and on ground level.

Apprentice's Den- A den made out of clay and mud. It was already created before Echo clan was formed so the structure was left alone saved for reinforcement. Vines have started growing into the den. It is 5 feet wide and is starting to sink into the ground, though still livable for the cats.

Nursery- A large crack into a bluff that was reinforced with branches, mud, and moss as a roof. The floor is covered in the softest moss. It is 10 feet wide inside.

Elder's den- A hollowed out tree trunk with mud, clay, and thick brambles for insulation.


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