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Cat's Name: Ravenflight
Gender: she-cat
Age (In moons): 27 moons
Clan: MistClan
Position: Medicine Cat (If not, then warrior)
Appearance: Ravenflight is a black cat with white paws, a white chest, and two thin white dashes on her face. She has amber eyes and a short, stumpy tail. She has long claws that look like talons and several scars on her right shoulder, where she was clipped by a monster. Her pelt looks slightly swirled with dark brown and her legs are long and swift.
Personality: Ravenflight is generally kind and reserved, but if you are obstinate, (or get on her nerves for that matter) she snaps like a twig. She is a bit sarcastic, but very funny. She is naturally curious and likes to find out the reason that things happen. As a result of a kithood incident, Ravenflight has a twisted shoulder that occasionally gives her shooting pains. She is a strong fighter and loyal friend, but she has two flaws: her fear of losing everyone she cares about (which causes her to push cats away) and her fear of anything to do with twolegs.
History: Ravenflight grew up in an abandoned shed with her mother, Sparrow, and her two brothers, Birch and Leaf. They were a happy family of loners until one day, a fox attacked. Sparrow was killed, and her three kits were badly injured. The kits had tried to help, but Sparrow had boosted them into a safe cubbyhole before they could sustain serious injuries. However, in the attack, Ravenflight, then known as Raven, lost most of her tail, and she became very sick. Leaf died three days after the attack because of an infected thorn scratch. With Birch's help, Raven recovered and the two kits began their journey. All was well until they stumbled upon twolegplace. The kits had never seen anything like it, and ventured too close to the thunderpath. Raven's shoulder was twisted, and Birch was dead. The lone kit navigated her way out of the twolegplace with the help of Biscuit, a helpful loner that nursed her back to health. She continued on to where she is now.
Roleplay Example: Air pulsed in and out of the lungs of a tall slender feline. The tall grasses were ripped apart as she propelled herself forward, amber eyes wide and full of terror. The narrow slits of her pupils expanded with fear as she pushed onward. Any second now and that rabid dog would snatch her up.
"Go away!" the she-cat yowled. The dog didn't seem to hear, or care for that matter. Raven, as the feline was named, gritted her teeth together and put on an other boost of energy.
Her legs were tired. Her paws ached. But unless she wanted to survive this, she needed to keep going. The feline swerved sharply to the left, but this canine wasn't going losing sight of her soon. She risked a glance behind her shoulder. It was catching up!
Dear, spirits! The she-cat yowled wordlessly. I won't make it out of this alive!
Why had she been so foolish as to venture into that field?

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