Map of Full Territory; Spirit Forest

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Map of Full Territory; Spirit Forest Empty Map of Full Territory; Spirit Forest

Post  Blizzardstar on Sat May 12, 2012 7:25 am

Map of Full Territory; Spirit Forest My_warrior_clan__s_map_by_lieutenantinkjet-d4zig76

Two legs- Humans lives on the west side of the map beyond Echo Clan's territory. Kittypets will come from here.

Echo Clan

Echo clan- The clan is located in a very dense forest with many holes in the ground; watch your step. It got it's name from the underground tunnels because your voice echos inside of them.

Abandoned Two-leg farm/Canvasser Farm- Located on Echo Clan's territory. The remains of an abandoned two-leg farm dating back to 12 years ago. No one is suppose to venture the property but rogues and loners might be living there.

Echo Tunnels- A series of underground tunnels that the two-legs call a sewage system. It smells rotten and all the water is dried up. Your voice echos in the tunnels. No one is suppose to enter, fearing it could be dangerous or you'll get lost.

Mist Clan

Mist Clan- The clan is mostly water; Spirit Lake and several streams. Often cold fronts from the mountains behind the territory blow down the cliffs into the warm air coming from the lake; creating mist.

Spirit Lake- Spirit Lake is the great lake of Star Clan. The spirit of Ravenstar, a she-cat who drown herself in the lake possesses the body of water.

Split Rock- A large rock that is split down the middle on the edge of Mist Clan's territory. It is often an area for cats to train.

Rain Clan

Rain Clan- A clan surrounded by many swamps and overgrown plants. The ground is wet and muddy since it's always raining within the territory.

Abandoned Two-leg Boat House- An abandoned boat house from 12 years ago. Rumors within Rain Clan say there is a loner from over the mountain living within it but no one has issued an order to check out the site.

Spirit Lake- A chunk of Star Clan's great lake is located within Rain Clan's territory. There are several boats and docks on the lake's edge.

Neutral Territory

SilentPools- Medicine cat's gather at this clam body of water. There are many beautiful stones making the path up the hill.

Bent Oak- Once a moon, all clans will gather for a meeting and share news from their clan.


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