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Post  Lenneh on Mon May 14, 2012 11:58 pm

Cat's Name: Briarshine

Gender: Female

Age(In moons): 12 moons

Clan: EchoClan

Position: Warrior

Appearance(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Briarshine is a small but agile she cat. She is a shade of brown that is somewhat close to maroon with white points. She has glowing green eyes that glow very brightly in the dark. Her claws are rather sharp, and tear skin very easily. She looks much younger than her actual age, making it easy to mistake her as an apprentice. She has nics in her ear and scars along her shoulders, but she bears them with pride.

Personality: Briarshine is very caring towards her clan. She doesn't mind the other clans and she is very forgiving. However, if someone harms her clanmates, she can get very angry. She is mostly happy and doesn't mind being called names, if she ever is. She is friendly and laughs at danger. She is a dedicated warrior and would do anything for her friends.

History: This friendly she cat was born and raised in EchoClan. She had a mean mentor, however, but she ignored it and did her best to learn the ways of the warrior code. She never really cared for the code, but she followed it anyways. She proved her worth in a battle against a dog from the twoleg place, sending it yelping back into its owner's den. She gained a scar from this, but she regarded it as simply a souvenir. She let her spirit shine, hence her name.

Roleplay Example): Briarshine grinned as she sneaked through the undergrowth. The mouse had no clue that she was apon it. Just a little closer and..... go! She leapt out of the leaves and onto the mouse. It squirmed and squeaked under her grasp, and she uttered a thanks to silverpelt for this lucky catch before ending its life. She happily picked it up and went to her place under the tree to gather the rest of her kills. She was excited to have the clan see how much she could bring in.

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Nice ^^

Post  Blizzardstar on Tue May 15, 2012 12:01 am

Accepted, I really like her personality. She'll make a good warrior of my clan.

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