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Post  Beaches on Wed May 16, 2012 5:54 am

Cat's Name: Shine
Gender: Female
Age: 72
Clan: Loner
Position: N/A
Appearance: Shine, a short fur white slender frame she cat. Red points cover her ears, paws and the tip of her tail which happens to be a foot long. Her ears happen to be sharper than most cats, but this doesn’t mean that she hears more than others. They are just shaped to be more pointed on her head, giving the sharp appearance. Her muzzle shape comes out to a point, and she has small sized paws. Yet her claws are sharp, and she has the strength to take down pray despite her slim figure. Lastly, her eyes are a dark green color and oval shape.
Personality: Shine has the attitude of nobody tells her what to do. She does what she wants, when she wants and goes where she wants to go. Life is meant to be lived freely, and to enjoy every moment possible. The problem with that is she says things without thinking, and can hurt the feelings of others. Depending on her mood she may or may not care, but she’s not cold. In her mind, cats need to have backbones in order to survive. So any soft feelings will only cause problems and get in the way. You simply do what you must to get by, nothing more than that.
History: Shine is a purebred Siamese, and was bred to be a champion. Her family was rather large as her father, mother, uncle, two brothers and two sisters were all raised to be show cats. The humans that took care of them bred Siamese kittens for show as well as for pets. Since she was bred for show she was expected to be the very best. For a time she was among the best but never the best. When competing in the kitten ages she often would come in third place while her siblings took first. As she got older she did place better with a few second places, but still would mostly take third. It was hard since she was never fully motivated to stand still for hours while being petted and poked by humans. That was something that she always got scolded for by her father. Eventually when she reached aged two the humans gave up on her being used for show and decided to use her for breeding. That was something she did not want to see doing for the rest of her life, like her mother and aunt were. Still it wasn’t until after her first litter were sold that her life was changed forever. It happened quite by luck, or maybe it was on purpose, she would never know. They were in a new city competing in another cat show, which was nothing new. After the show the humans were in more of a hurry as they packed up Shine’s family, but she wasn’t with her family at the time. Shine had met a strong male tom and was getting to know him while her family was being taken home. By the time she noticed they were gone, it was far too late for them to come back. So with the doors to the building still wide open she left the city, never looking back. It took some time for her to learn how to hunt for herself and even to defend herself which wasn’t often. Through many moons of traveling she grew more confidant with herself, and developed her attitude to never be ordered to do something again. Her once silk smooth fur became covered in dirt stains, but never to the point where it was disgusting.

Now finally after so long of traveling she arrived at a very nice place to settle. A vast forest covered the land as far as she could see, with cool breeze blowing in the trees. Shine decided to live within that forest and live to her hearts content. Who knows perhaps other cats live there as well and she could make some friends. Being all alone was too lonely and that was the one thing she missed from her show life.
Roleplay Example: Shine ventured deep into the forest that rose up in front of her. It was clearly a safe place to live, away from the two legs who always would grab her. As she stepped, a twig snapped and a bird took off crying out alarm calls. That was her own mistake for not looking carefully to where she was going. “Calm yourself,” she thought “There must be other creatures living in there. Places that big must have something so don’t be stupid.” With that she sniffed the air to check if anything was around. She picked up small animals, dampness in the air, and the heavy smell of the forest but nothing of immediate danger. It was safe to keep going so long as she was careful. Next was going to be finding a place to live. That wasn’t going to be too difficult with such a large deep forest. The breeze then shifted and it carried some scents that made Shine freeze in her tracks. Cats! There were dozens of cat smells and it wasn’t too far away. Well if there were others in the area, she might as well go say hello.

Name: Mellowheart
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Clan: Rainclan
Position: Warrior
Appearance: Mellowheart, is a dark brown short furred tom cat. He has a medium build to his body, with a round head and large paws. A white scar runs down his right shoulder which causes him to walk with a limping gate the faster he moves. Smaller scars are on his head, left leg, and underbelly but they don’t get in the way of his movement. His eyes are bright yellow but seem to change to bright green in the light.
Personality: Mellowheart is a pretty weird tomcat. Often times he’ll just sit and stare out at the forest around him just taking in the sights. When he walks he travels at such a slow pace that he’ll walk at the back of the line on patrols. Fighting is something he avoids at all cost even when threatened, he’ll try to talk his way out of the fight. Mellowheart believes that everything has a balance and if you break the balance then the world becomes disturbed. That’s something that no one else seems to understand which is fine. Words don’t bother him anymore as he’s heard them all his life. So long as the balance is intact, life will remain peaceful.
History: Mellowheart has lived in Rainclan his whole life, and it was from day one that he was different from the others. He moved slower than his siblings, but never from difficulty. While they mewled for attention he simply crawled there. As he got older he didn’t play much with the other kittens as they always wanted to run, fight, pounce and do everything the apprentices seemed to be doing. His mother often worried that he would get lonely, but she just couldn’t get him to show interest in anything else. Mellowheart’s mentor at first was put off to be given such a slow and quiet apprentice since he was so eager to train him. Mellowheart showed him that he wasn’t dumb, but liked doing things at his own pace. He learned to hunt, stalk, track and fight like the other apprentices just at a slower pace. In fact he was two moons older than most apprentices by the time he was made a warrior. Throughout his life Mellowheart always took an interest in seeing the world differently. Plants grew to give life to the pray and shelter for the clan. Pray grew to sustain the clan, and in the end the clan died for the plants to begin again. Each thing needed the other in the endless cycle of life, and that was the order to the balance. While other cats talked of Starclan and the forest of stars that they lived in Mellowheart just couldn’t see it. How could something so far away keep watch over them all? Still, he knew that most of the clan believed in Starclan so to say otherwise would only cause trouble. He would be loyal to his clan as that’s what he promised when he became a warrior. Starclan would just be that, stars in the sky.
Roleplay example: Mellowheart was in the far back of his patrol as they scouted the boards for any signs of trouble. The others were in a hurry to get back to the clan so they could get something to eat. Mellowheart took his time while the others went on without him. He sniffed low to the ground and smiled as he found a small flower blooming through the muck. He took a step but then froze as a different scent came to him. A cat, no many cats, from another clan and they just passed through. Mellowheart yowled to the patrol and quickly followed the trail. They carefully but quickly moved through the murky swamp until they spotted the intruders in a clearing. A cat had killed a vole and was holding it in its jaws. Mellowheart brought up the rear as the rest of the patrol overtook him, and when he caught up yowls were being thrown by both sides. Now that he was close to the intruders he could smell that they were from Echoclan. The Echoclan cats were claiming that the vole was on their territory but crossed into Rainclan’s. Mellowheart’s group spat that once the vole crossed into their territory it was now theirs. It was getting colder and the pray was getting hard to find, so it was understandable that each side wanted the vole. However, to come to blows over it was not needed. At least Mellowheart believed that but that wasn’t what happened as the two sides did go to blows. A tom from Echoclan jumped him and had him pinned for a while. Mellowheart managed to get out of the pin and charged the other cat. At some point in the fight the other cat scratched his shoulder deeply before finally being chased off by his clan mates. The Echoclan cats raced back to their territory while the others gave chase to be sure that they were gone. Mellowheart on the other hand picked up the vole and took it back to camp. After dropping it in the fresh kill pile he went to the medicine den where Willowmoon fixed up his shoulder. It did heal but ever since then he has never been able to fully move it without strain. Running strains it pretty quickly so now he really moves at a slow pace around the camp and while hunting.


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Ohhh nice and long; very detailed, I like it Smile Accepted.

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