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ScarKit - RainClan

Post  WhovianLove on Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:51 am

Cat's Name: ScarKit
Gender: She-Kit
Age(In moons): 6 moons (But not yet apprenticed)
Clan: RainClan
Position: Kit
Appearance(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): ScarKit is a small rffled light brown tabby cat. She has medium to long fur and her tail is at lest half her body length. Her eyes are a strange grey/blue color that seem to change when in different light. Her body while having long fur does not hide the many scars that cover her.
Personality(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): ScarKit is very brave, yet she does not like fighting, she loves to help any cat in need and is always ready to lend a paw to help. She knows little about clan life as she was not always in a clan. She can not ever leave anyone hurt or stranded. She does what she's told but she doesn't like to be yelled at or told off.
History(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): She was originally the runt in the litter of 3, her mother a rouge called Poppy and her father a clan cat called StormHeart. She was born with her litter mates Lily and Dawn in an old hollowed tree. They lived there for 2 moons before the dogs came, ScarKit was only 2 moons old when she watched her mother and sisters die before her, her father running off cowardly before the dogs turned to her. She managed to fake death enough for the mto finally leave her alone after mauling her. ScarKit had thought herself dead until some foxes found her and took her in as their own litter. She lived with the foxes for 4 moons before they dropped her outside the RainClan border, where shestumbled into their camp.
Roleplay Example(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):ScarKit stopped in midstep as she heard the bush rustle, her ears twitched with her whiskers as she traced he sound to a small mouse sitting a few foxtails away from her. She crouced down, begging her hungry stomache to not grumble as she carefully put a small paw foreward. She continued forward slowly, keeping her body low to the ground, her brown tabby coat blending with the leaves and the dirt. She hunched forward then leapt, the mouse turned hearing her claws scratch across the ground sped off into a bush. ScarKit hit the ground with a thud, she sat down licking her paw, she wished she could have got the mouse but it wasn't going to help to worry about it.


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