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Post  Moonfur54 on Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:26 am

Name: Rainpaw cat 
Gender: Male
Age: 6 1/2 Moons (Recently made apprentice)
Clan: Mist Clan
Position: Apprentice
Appearance: A sleek, lithe gray tom. Fur is tinged with blue in some lights, and is very soft and a mixture of white with gray streaks. Eye are large and vibrant. Right eye is a deep violet, while left eye always changes. The color of left eye can reveal mood.

Personality: Tends to be shy and solitary, though if you get to know him he can be talkative and funny. Also very thoughtful, and always thinks things through before trying, maybe too much. He tries to remain focused, though can space out and get dreams from StarClan, which during his eyes turn a very light shade of bluish-gray. Loves to climb trees, and during fights with other clans is known for leaping onto the opponent when they are least suspecting. Spends much of free time in trees too, which has made him a very skilled climber.

History: Was born with a Mist Clan mother and Rain Clan Father. Was taken by father, yet rejected by Rain Clan and my mother brought me to Mist Clan. The clan leader at the time almost didn't let me become an apprentice, yet agreed reluctantly. I have worked very hard and have been trying as hard as possible to prove the leader wrong.

RP Example: Wind whistled through the night, caressing the remaining leaves still hanging on the tall trees laced with black. A lethe shape slipped through the darkness, vastly approaching another, taller, silhouette. The first was Rainpaw, and the second Redstar.

"I told you not to mess around with RainClan." Redstar muttered, casting a glance behind him as if they could be watching.

"But I want to find out more about my kin!"

All the light from Redstar's eyes faded, and they regained their dull coloring. "I am sorry, but I must do this. You are now exiled from Mist Clan."
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