Mothfur, Deputy of Mistclan

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Mothfur, Deputy of Mistclan

Post  Blizzardstar on Mon May 14, 2012 5:53 am

Cat's Name: Mothfur

Gender: Female

Age(In moons): 32

Clan: Mist Clan

Position: Deputy

Appearance(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences):

Mothfur is a silver tabby Maine coon cat. She's large, bulky, and has very long fur and whiskers. She has yellow-green eyes. Her grays range from dark gray to nearly eggshell white. She is isn't the fastest cat but she knows how to use her heavy weight to her advantage.

Personality(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): She is a quiet cat. She doesn't speak because she believes actions speak louder than words. She is a well disciplined cat and always gives back what she has taken; including interest. Example, Mist clan took her in and gave her a home, she trains hard and puts her life on the line. She has a small spot for kits and kittypets, much like she was a one time. She is kind but knows her place, she is very motherly yet she can be aggressive when she needs to be.

History(at least a paragraph;5+ sentences): Once a kittypet, just like Blizzardstar. She actually knew him as a kit, being slightly older than him. She didn't recognize him though because he's changed so much that he isn't Siberia the kittypet she knew. It doesn't bother her because the new Blizzardstar, she likes much better. Her kittypet name was Lilith but she abandoned her pink collar for her clan and will never return to the twolegs because the would kick and push her. She lives life on as Mothfur, Deputy of Mist clan. It has taken her a long time to gain Ivystar's trust because of her background.

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