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Cat's Name:
5 moons
Kit, maybe deputy later?
Londonkit has a long, whitish main coat, with a brown tail, ears, and mask. But, her muzzle, and nose bridge is the same white as her main coat. Her eyes are like the water after a storm; various shades of blue with specks of green and gray within it. Her build is rather large, but she has small shoulders and big paws, making her clumsy some of the time. Londonkit is part siamese, part blue point, so that's were she gets her markings from. Her tail is long and straight, so she never wants to curl it.
Londonkit is a large fur ball of energy. She loves playing with other cats, and she almost never gets tired, and almost never listens. But, as an apprentice, she starts to get more mature, and realize that learning and listening is as important as eating and drinking. But, deep down there she still has that bubbly, bantering self, which only a few cats can bring out. But, as a warrior, Londonbridge starts to realize that she has something; OCD. Everything has to be perfect, all in order, or else she will feel like somethings not right, and start to loose it. Luckily, now she has it under control, and is able to learn that not everything's perfect.
Londonkit was born to Chessiresmile and Rainyday. Chessiresmile was a wonderful father, with a strong, large build and bright blue eyes, and his siamese pelt. Rainyday was a blue point with green eyes and was known for her long tail. Londonkit was the only kit born out of Rainyday's litter, but sadly her mother died in birth. Her father, not knowing any mothering skills, handed her over to Peachpie, another queen who secretly was in love with Chessiresmile. Peachpie took Londonkit, and raised her, like normal. But, Chessiresmile and Peachpie had a litter, and Londonkit was not the only one getting all of the attention anymore! But, Rainyday was mad. She was jealous, and angry of Chessiresmile, and within all of these emotions, that when Londonkit's father went out on a patrol, Rainyday made a tree fall on the father, killing him. Londonkit and Peachpie were devastated. Peachpie blamed the death on Londonkit, and almost never talked to the kit again.
Roleplay Example:
Londonbridge hopped up on the high rock, and looked around at her Clan. "Cats of EchoClan, I have news." she said, hearing the cats murmuring thinks like "Where is the leader?" She dismissed this gossip with a flick of her tail. "I have news," she repeated again. "The prey is low, as you know. We will have to be sending out double patrols, to see if we can get as much freshkill as possible." she said, looking around at the Clan with narrowed eyes. She heard moans, but she hissed. "Do you want this Clan to perish like the leaves to in the winter? This is for the best of the Clan. Isn't that what you want? To make the Clan stronger than ever, so if we do go in battle, we will win. That is what I want." she snapped, and then nodded her head, showing that the gathering was dismissed. Londonbridge hopped down, and sighed, a bit disappointed in her Clan.

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